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Richard Doss

My name is Richard Doss. I am a 33 year old Trial Attorney in Los Angeles and recently completed orthodontic treatment with Invisalign appliances with Dr. Yorita. I highly recommend Invisalign therapy to anyone considering orthodontics, especially professionals who cannot risk any adverse impact traditional braces may have on their professional presentation. They are virtually invisible so no one can tell you're wearing appliances. Additionally, they are removable so you can eat and drink anything; they don't interfere with your brushing and flossing.

I also highly recommend Dr. Yorita as an orthodontist. He and his staff are very friendly and thorough in educating their patients about the treatment they are receiving. Dr. Yorita's office is very clean and professional, yet friendly and family oriented. I have two young children who will be going to Dr. Yorita if they need orthodontic treatment.

Teen Testimonial

For the last several months, when I wake up and brush my teeth, I've noticed dramatic changes in my mouth and it leaves me always saying "Wow!" The amazing things is that the majority of people around me have no idea that I'm going through any orthodontic treatment. I have no brackets in my mouth or shiny wire lines running through my smile.

Instead, I have a little clear tray that seems to miraculously straighten my teeth. It's called Invisalign. I can wear them all the time, talking on the phone, sitting in class, taking a shower, working out, and going to the movies. They haven't affected my speech, which was a great surprise because retainers have previously made me sound as if I had a mouth full of marbles! I would recommend Invisalign to people of all ages, especially teens, because of the ease and, obviously, the invisibility.

Niles Family

These 4 beautiful sisters have all been patients of ours! Excellent dental care definitely runs in their family since their uncles, Dr.George Green and Dr. Frank Green, are both dentists.

Shelly followed in the dental field and is a dental hygienist. Jill is a hairdresser and knows how important looks and a nice smile are to people. Joy works in the childcare program at Oceanview School District; we're sure those children love her beautiful sweet smile! The youngest and most recent graduate of "Dr.Yorita's Team Orthodontics" is Kellie. Kellie attends Huntington Beach High School and is very active dancing with the Academy of Performing Arts.

Their mom, Floy, is very lucky to have such a bounty of beauty and we're very lucky to have these ladies as our patients.

Phibbs Family

Because our patients are happy with their smiles, we are treating many of the children of previous patients (second generation). We even have three generations in one family who have had or is having orthodontic treatment: Barbara Mayer, her daughter Marie Phibbs, and, granddaughter, Julie Phibbs.

Kosko Family

We are so lucky in our orthodontic practice to have multiple family members like the Kosko's. Judie was a patient of ours in the 80's and has a beautiful smile due not only to braces but also her jaw surgery. Derek (age 17) and Mark (age 14) both go to Marina High School and are very active on the football team and in the boy scouts. Derek is working on his Eagle project and Mark will soon be also.

Judie is a stay-at-home mom and enjoys volunteer work at St. Bonaventure parish and yoga. She said she loves coming to our office and always feels comfortable, especially because she's known many of our team members since she herself had braces on. Judie feels that great smiles are very expressive and people always compliment them on their beautiful, healthy smiles. She also said, "a nice smile makes all the difference with your self-esteem and confidence." And that's the real reason why we've enjoyed the practice of orthodontics for over thirty years...making a positive difference in people's lives!